Welcome to the TVW project news. It is really wonderful that so many people are wanting to follow the project’s development and get involved.


So, what’s happening at the moment? Get comfortable, this is a long post. Which is a good thing, so much to tell, right?

For a change things are happening – it’s been a long 2 years of “it’s coming, it’s coming…” but now we are truly on the way.

We have a lease with VicRoads for the village site. Actually, Mitchell Shire holds the lease and TVW will be the sublessee. We thank MSC for taking on the burden of negotiating the lease.

Thanks to Bruce Mactier Building Designers, we have a wonderful plan sensitive to the needs of the future residents and compliant to TVW’s requirements re sustainability design. This is the plan we will be taking to MSC for Planning Approval.  DOWNLOAD HERE: TVW Village Plan

We have the funding to build the basic accommodation TVW was granted this money via the Pick My Project last year. Many thanks to the Office of the Premier and to all of YOU who took the time to vote for TVWTVW is lining up the quotes now ready for construction as soon as the building approvals come through. More about this as we confirm the quotes, nearer to the time of building.

In the background, the committee is working to establish a strong governance framework a charity of this size requires. TVW is planning to change from a Committee of Management to an Executive Board of Management in the mid-future – more news as that happens or PM me if you want to know more right now.

And the committee is working to welcome the future residents with a plan of how we can support them into long term housing and a welcome return to the community.

Add in the development of the Volunteer Program, the formalization of the ‘Keeping mates together” – pets in the village program, getting our permaculture design plans for the entire village Landscape and the ever-present fundraising plans and you can see it is pretty busy.

The committee is spread thin, and we would welcome everyone who wants to help in any way for any length of time. Jobs for everyone!

If you are not local please consider donating via our website: www.tvw.org.au.

And if you can, please complete the membership form by clicking here.

Please send me an contact me if you want to know more about helping the project move along.

I promise – you won’t be bored!.

Cheers – Judy Clarke CEO