We are to shy for photos:  Here are the names and roles of the wonderful people leading and supporting TVW.

TVW Committee Members July 2018

  1. Judy Clarke.                                                               President             
  2. Jessie Zander.                                                          Treasurer
  3. Lachlan MacDonald                                             Secretary, ICT & Digital Marketing Sub-committee Leader
  4. David James                                                              General Committee Member, Financial & Business Advisor         
  5. Celina Grech                                                             General Committee member
  6. David Adamson                                                       Co Volunteer Coordinator
  7. Roger Bell                                                                  Land Scout          


Committee Supporters:

  1. Steve Ansell                                                              General Support, Graphic Design                                                  
  2. Marg Joiner                                                               Co Volunteer Coordinator
  3. Tony Cozzolino                                                        Liaison, Southern Mitchell Rotary
  4. Rose King                                                                    General Support
  5. Sandeep Kaur                                                           General  Support.