Hello friends and supporters,

I invite you to read our Transition Village Wallan’s 5th Annual Report for the 2019/2020 financial year period. 

This year for the TVW project is clearly divided into pre and post COVID actions.

While the early bushfires in 2020 had a great impact on the emotional well being of our members, and demonstrated the increased need for homeless services such as Transition Village Wallan (TVW), nothing underlines our community’s fragility and strengths as the current Covid pandemic is doing.

Work on the TVW project continued in the background throughout this period, while physical interactions and events were limited in 2020 by the Covid restrictions. The Committee of Management has used this time to develop new approaches to fundraising, formalising governance and further developing its online presence.

I thank everyone for their continued support and hope you enjoy reading our latest report.

Warm wishes,

Judy Clarke – CEO

November 2020