May 2018 – application to the Community  Banking Sector for $10,000 to organise a workshop with Mjb Consulting. We need to begin forward thinking for next year so if we receive the grant money we will hold a day workshop to develop a Strategic  Action Plan for next year.

June 2018. Pick My Project. Well, this is a biggie!  TVW has applied for $200,000.00 to build the entire accommodation section fo the Village. All of the sleeping units, laundries, toilets and showers PLUS a building which can be used for the main dining area ( if we don’t receive a tram) or as the main admin centre and meeting room.  All our dreams can be filled by one grant. WOW! This particular grant will be awarded according to the level of demonstrated support by he local community ie by a vote. More news here in July – August on actions you can take to ensure Wallan gets the Village our people need.

June 2018 Bendigo Bank – Wallan. Sustainable design and living practices are embedded in the philosophy and documentation of TVW. We are very appreciative of Bendigo Bank – Wallan’s support of this  principle. We have been granted a sum of $430 to have our business cards and flyers printed by ‘green’ methods. We have chosen ‘Print Together ‘ to do this. they are local (Castlemaine) and have been providing a very supportive ad friendly service to TVW.