Thank you to this who have joined The Recycled/Upcycled Op Shop Project which is the community business of Transition Village Wallan Inc.

Both projects are based in practical, sustainable actions, which will help lessen the impacts of climate change in our community and in particular on the people doing it tough already.
Our community is a wonderful thing , to be treasured. Despite government’s best efforts – if they even try to make any effort at all in this area! – we will, in the future need community to support and work together for all. As I write this 3 youths are washing my car to raise money for a friend in need. Inspiring and heart warming, and tells me the next generation will be more successful in managing their future than we have been.

An old Navajo saying “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children” is the most profound statement I can think of to describe our current situation.
To become more actively involved in either or both projects please complete the Volunteer Application form at
NB We are actively seeking Committee of Management people for the overarching Transition Village Wallan Inc. project.
WE are looking for a:

  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Administration Manager
  • Fundraising Events Manager or Assistant to the CEO
  • General Committee members who like to take on odd jobs.
  • Project Manager or Builder to supervise the development of the Building phase of the project, once we get a Planning Permit approval.

All volunteers for Committee need to have an in depth understanding of sustainability and climate change.

You can register your interest here:


For more information contact me, Judy Clarke, by Messenger or email