‘The future of every community lies in capturing the passion, energy and imagination of its own people.’
                       -Dr Ernesto Sirolli

We are happy to present our  TVW Updated Business Plan 2022 to the world.

Our Values:

  • Education of the individual and community
  • Respect treat others with human dignity and equality
  • Sustainability care of Earth and people, and a fair share for all
  • Resilience the flexibility to manage and adapt in times of change
  • Community: no one left out

 Our Vision:

People are empowered to live a safe, sustainable and connected life.

Our Mission:

To provide safe, short term, supported accommodation for local people experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness, in a Village of Tiny Houses.

Based in Wallan, a semi-rural town on the urban fringe north of Melbourne (Victoria, Australia), Transition Village Wallan Inc. is a local organisation working towards whole community change to support a safe, sustainable and connected way of life for all members of our community.

We are building an off-grid village of Tiny Houses to provide safe, short to medium term accommodation for local people who are homeless. ‘Transition Village Wallan’ or ‘TVW’ is building a village of Tiny Houses, utilising sustainable living and design practices, for people experiencing (or at risk of) homelessness in and around Wallan.

Want to see our Roadmap to success:  Download your copy of our 2022 Business Plan today.  Click here.