Hello friends and supporters,

I invite you to read our Transition Village Wallan’s 4th Annual Report. Practice makes perfect, so I hope this year’s will truly present the development of TVW over this past year.

TVW is a flexible organisation: we try, we learn, we adapt, we grow.

TVW began as a meeting of friends in my house. We agreed that we needed to do ‘something’ to help local people who were in need of support. The friends had mutual interest I sustainable living, good food made easily available, and building local community. We agreed to adopt the TVW model from Opportunity village (USA). To make it even more applicable to our community we built into its basic philosophy the principles of Permaculture, Transition and Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs, all three summed up by the Permaculture saying: Earth care; People care; Fair share.

Let me repeat our vision and mission:
Our vision is that people are empowered to live safe, sustainable lives. Our mission is to provide safe, short to medium term accommodation for local people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness, in an eco village of Tiny Houses.

As the financial report shows, TVW has steadily increased its financial security. This has been due to tireless efforts by the committee and supporters to raise money locally by events (Bunnings BBQ, local cabaret, raffles), seeking sponsorships, donations and grants. This work will continue into the future to maintain TVW’s financial stability and allow for future development of the project.

A special thank you to Southern Mitchell Rotary for their invaluable support over the years.

TVW also wishes to thank our many friends and supporters for their continued support. At this stage it is the dream of the village and its meaning which is keeping us alive. We hope to have a physical focus this year to see out dreams realised ie a village with residents and a fully functioning support system of volunteers and professional agencies.

Warm wishes,

Judy Clarke – CEO

April 2020