Over the past 3 months, TVW, along with all other Australian groups and people, has been adjusting to the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thankfully TVW has only had to make adjustments in two areas of operation. The first was to move online meetings; the second has been to adjust the budget and find new funding sources to maintain the projects operations.

In a 2019 TVW raised $11,000 from our public fundraising events. 2020 had a more ambitious plan of raising $15,000 by increasing the number and diversity of local fundraising events. This was not to be.

TVW has organised one alternate fundraiser, an online raffle, and has made application for cOVID-19 relief from several grant donors. As a ‘bare bone’s sort of organisation  staffed entirely by volunteers there is nothing to cut from administration.

However, we are planning more events for the end of the period around  physical distancing rules.