Well, its been quite the time since then opening of the Victorian State Government Pick My Project grant application. The idea was popular across the state with a total number of 2,500 applications for the offered $30 million.
TVW has been fortunate to make the final round ie the voting campaign.
Unfortunately the application process involves asking community group to pitch against community group in the effort to win  votes to win the ‘prize”. Hopefully this requirement will be dropped if the grant is offered again next year.
In the case of TVW, the grant would be $200,000 to put to building the village accommodation and facilities – too much on offer to not have a go.
So the TVW committee, family, friends have been out and around, introducing the TVW project to local community members at markets, shopping centres, on line and especially by Facebook.
Whether TVW wins one of the grants it has been a really worthwhile effort to put so much concentrated effort into meeting the community, and making the project real to people.
People have been extremely generous in giving us time to explain TVW and the PMP vote campaign and many have promised to vote for the project. If you have already voted – thank you! The depth of interest and compassion for vulnerable people in our community is extraordinary.
The voting campaign is in its second week with two more weeks  to go…Look for TVW team members at your local shopping centre or online.
Cheers for now until we know the outcome.